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Should i wait to get my BA?

  • keepitcroosh
  • Ottawa
  • 1 year ago

Hey everyone, i was originally planning to go for a consultation in July, and then do the BA surgery sometime in September. But, i am now considering that maybe its best that i really try hard and save as much money as i possibly can, instead of  paying it in full from a loan or visa etc.   Can anyone relate? I want to get it done asap, i've been waiting for too long already. Should i just go through with it? Does it really make a difference in waiting just to save up? Either way i will not be saving up the total amount. Hmmm What do you think?      

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That's exciting! I hope you'll blog about your journey as it gets closer. Keep us posted!

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Alright so here is an update! I took the time to look into Lines of credits (its very easy and accessible to me as i work for a bank) and I've been approved for 7K for i think 4% interest! I will wait a few months so i can lose weight, be at my healthiest, and save tons of money. I have calculated it, and say i use the whole 7K, i will be able to pay it off in a year. I personally think this is a better choice for me, yes there is interest but it is not that much and i wont have it for long. stoooked
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Yeah ive realised if you choose to finance it, youll end up paying more from interest! Therefore spending MORE money.
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Congrats on your decision to get a BA. I can understand how eager and excited you are to go through the surgery. Financial security is very important before and after surgery. It does make sense to save up money to ensure that you not going into the surgery strapped for cash. Take your time, and think it over. You will know whether the time is right or not.
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I totally get where you're coming from. You might want to check out Makenzie's review. She recently had a BA, and now has to pony up money to fix capsular contracture, so it can cost more than just the initial fee. Something to think about...

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