Veneers at a reasonable price?

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  • 11 months ago

Hello, I currently live and work in New York City. I've been to 2 dentists who perform cosmetic dentistry. One of them is located in Manhattan and the other is located just outside Manhattan. Both dentists recommended I need 4-6 veneers. One said he'd have to do the mock up to see if I needed 4 vs 6. Regardless, both dentists were out of my price range. The one in Manhattan charged $2200 per veneer while the one just outside of Manhattan charged $1500. However, New York City is so expensive. I have found dentists in the New York City area who can do veneers for cheaper, but I'm hesitant the quality of the veneer or the quality of my smile will be reflected in the lower price. Does anyone know of a high quality dentist on the east coast (Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island or New York) who can produce a natural looking smile with high quality veneers for around $5000? This is all inclusive: teeth cleaning, x-rays, mock up, teeth whitening and 6 veneers. If traveling 4-5 hours by car or train means I will save $5000 it'll be worth it to me. Thanks.

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I hope some people have good recommendations for you.  I just wanted to say that it might be a good idea to get a lot of different opinions.  The "worth it rating" for veneers here on RealSelf is only 64%, which means a lot of people aren't happy with their results.  I've seen doctors here quote prices from $900 to $2200.  Make sure to do a lot of research on the dentists you are considering. Any dentist can market themselves as a "Cosmetic Dentist", so make sure you see before & after photos of patients they have done the actual work on.

You can click on the "Find a Doctor" tab near the top of the screen, select the area you are in, then narrow the search by either specialty (cosmetic dentistry) or procedure (porcelain veneers).  Here are also a couple of questions that have some interesting answers from doctors.

Good luck!

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