Do you think Vavelta is an ethical dermal filler?

  • Kristin
  • 5 years ago

A new dermal filler called Vavelta is making the news in the UK. The key ingredient is human dermal fibroplasts derived from baby foreskins. Do you have ethical or safety concerns about Vavelta, if any?

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Yes Johnny, please tell us about your experience
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Well jonnylondon, how about a follow up? Your results or lack thereof would be very helpful to the masses at this point.
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Vavelta is available now in the UK from a limited number of doctors. I had 3 vials injected today, around the mouth and eyes, for its purported rejuvenated effect. I am prepared for it to do little or nothing, but wanted to explore this option before starting with fillers in the cheeks, as it requires real artistic expertise to get consistently good results. I will post additional updates over the next months to apprise of my progress.
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