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Vaginoplasty 10 Days Post Op

  • ReRe25
  • 2 years ago

I had vaginoplasty done 10 days ago and I still have a watery brown discharge pretty much thru out the entire day. I have been very scarred to use the bathroom because I was afraid of ripping my stitches and today as I sat on the toilet the slightest push made me bust a stitch inside my vagina. It felt like a rubber band snapping and a bunch of bright red blood came out and 2 very small blood clots. I am soooo freaked out and scarred!!!

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oh no! they should hav had you on stool softeners and laxatives. i had almost the same issue but when i felt what the outcome would be, i held my bowels for another two days taking everything under the sun trying to soften it. i ended up in the ER scared to let it go. they gave me a shot in my tummy and a drink and it loosened it up within 30 min to pass safely. pain meds clogg u up. i no longer take them and i drink milk of mag daily. i feel like i release everything i consume but nothing solid and no busted stitches! oh i feel your pain. im so sorry! please share your outcome and recovery for others if you would. thanks
What was the outcome?

I'm really sorry you're experiencing this! Did you call your surgeon to ask about it? I would do that, #1. #2, you can post a question to doctors on RealSelf. It likely won't be published until Friday, but it might give you some comfort. Go here to do that. Please let us know how you're doing!