Anyone that had vaginal rejuvenation can tell me if helped with urine incontinence? I have mild ui. When I sneeze or lau

  • ap515
  • 1 year ago

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Try doing kegel exercise it works wonders, also use Ben wa balls for a tighter vagina. You can find some here
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I think kegel probably helps if you have the discipline to fo it. Also there are some PT centers that helps you and the insurance will cover. I got tired and went to the UI surgery, but if you do the UI might as well do the cagina rejuvenation too. My UI got 75% better. Also make sure you do exercises for your gluttes if my spelling is correct. I was told that if thise muscles are tigher so will the pelvis since they all work together. If i have the money I will eventually do the VR. Good luck and happy New Year!
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Vagina. Sorry for the typos. I can not find my readi glasses
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