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Upset after Botox injections.

  • Sacramento9355
  • Sacramento, CA
  • 3 years ago

Went to a new clinic and just "knew" after the injections that they weren't done right. Find out that the dr is a Physiatrist, with very little facial botox experience. He injected 50 units in only 8 shots. 2 at hairline, 2 above brows, one each at crows and one abv each brow...

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Yes, I am unhappy with the results. The glabella lines softened slightly, but are still very visible. One eyebrow arches and the other is literally stuck in position--I can't raise it or move it. No change to crows feet..
I feel that 50 units should get better results. I was aware of the dr. wiping moisture from my face--was probably botox that didn't make it into my face. Was also charges sales tax--and that is a no-no from what I am told.
In future I will ask to see the syringe and also not take the cheap route. You get what you pay for..
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I was upset to go to an injector who works for Clarion. After almost a year going to her and comparing with other injectors I found out that I was being scammed--meaning she would over charge units. I found out i needed only 10 units and she would charge me over 20 at all times.
Buyer beware, ask to see the vials used and beware when they do it from their home and do not consult with dr. as this clarion injector did not do.
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Are you unhappy with the final results?

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