Uneven nipple position after breast augmentation

  • Briana7
  • ca
  • 4 years ago

Hi, I had a silicone Breast Augmentation 2 weeks ago. I am very depressed because one nipple is pointing to the side instead of being in the middle like other breast.

My doctor says the tight bra will reposition it. If not maybe taping the breast and nipple will. It does not sound logical to me, please help!

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Briana7, No bra will reposition your nipple. The implants will settle somewhat and that may change the position of the nipple relative to the implant under it. Most nipple position asymmetries (differences) are present before augmentation and become noticeable after surgery simply because you are more closely inspecting your breasts. Take a good look at your pre surgery pictures to see how much nipple position asymmetry was present before. Good luck! Dr. Kenneth R. Francis Board Certified New York City Plastic Surgeon