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Has Anyone Had Underarm Fat Reduction With Smart Lipo?

  • midlifeMom1
  • Maryland
  • 1 year ago

I'm not flabby and very much in shape. However, because of wearing incorrect bra size I have a lot of underarm fat. Has anyone gotten smart lipo to get rid of this excess bread tissue/fat. Did you have sagging skin and do the breasts look the same or better after lipo. I want to get smart lipo done and have even put a deposit down but I am having second thoughts. Thank you

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I was wondering if you wet ahead and got lipo on your armpits. I too have been looking into this for a long time. Doesn't seem like too many doctors do it.
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Hi there, welcome!

I've had a quick look but we don't seem to have many people mentioning having lipo on there underarm area. Do you mean the armpit itself, or the "bat wing" area?

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Hi, thank you for clarifying. I think I mean bat wing. The excess fat that sticks out from the sides (under the arms) when you wear a bra. I hope I'm using the right terminology :( Thank you
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Hi, I just read up on bat wings. I don't mean that. I meant fat that shows up under the armpit when you wear a bra. It makes if difficult for me to wear strapless dresses or dresses that have deep cut armholes in them. Thank you
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Ah yes, I know what you mean. Here is a list of Lipo reviews where people have specifically mentioned getting their bra line done. Hope this helps!

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