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What Does Ultherapy Feel Like? Is it Similar to Blue Peel?

  • ga8888
  • 2 years ago

Does the Ultherapy pain feel anything like an Obagi Blue Peelburn sinsation? I will never do that again. They did hold a fan to my face for a cooling. Obagi blue peel felt like my face was pressed to a hot stove top 30 seconds at a time. So is Ultherapy more like a laser sting (okay) or a blue peel burn? I did take a 10 mg loratab prior and had a driver. I don't do burning sinsation well. Or better procedure to compare the type of pain not the pain level.

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It sounds like you had a TCA peel which can be painful. The Ultherapy sensation is also uncomfortable (it feels more like deep heating less like 'burning'), but anti-anxiety medication and low dose pain medication takes the edge off nicely. There is a new software upgrade and the protocol is now considerably less painful than It was in the past. If you take medication plan for transportation home.
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It was very painful for me even with light sedation and I'm not a baby. Felt like I was getting shock treatment. Had to make the tech stop and apply a cold cloth to my face. I don't know if she had the setting to high or what! What was suppose to be a one hour lunchtime lift -as they advertise it, turned out to be 4 hours! Should have walked out. Stupid. Don't do it!
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