"Typical" Lisp?

  • little.death
  • 1 year ago

Hi, I started my Invisalign treatment on Thursday, September 12. I was incredibly excited to start this journey, and I should be done in July. I have a 3mm gap in between my front teeth caused by my frenulum, the tissue that connects my upper lip to my gums. I have always been a little lispy due to the gap, as the air passes through the open space between my teeth. This should be corrected with my Invisalign treatment, however, I have noticed that I have developed a new kind of lisp (for lack of a better term) with the treatment. In order to say "s" correctly, it is my understanding that the tongue creates a "channel" or the air to travel through and out the front teeth. My problem is that because my Invisalign tray covers every tooth (and the spaces in between them) I cannot say the "s" sound at all. In order to produce something that remotely sounds like "s", I have to force the air out of the sides of my mouth, creating the "sh" sound. Words like "simple" become "shimple" and the plural of words "shimply" does not happen.  Is this typical, or something I will need to discuss with my orthodontist? I would much rather have people see my braces than hear them. I have seen countless reviews stating that you grow accustomed to the lisp, and that your tongue needs to adjust to the tray being there, but I am on my fifth day and still lisping a lot. Does anyone have any advice? Greatly appreciative, Stephanie (or currently, "Shtephanie")