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Two days After Liposuction (Thighs and Knees) and I Have Some Bath Taking Quesions

  • gilgul
  • 2 years ago

hi all, just had my op 2 days ago and i'm so worried about the bath issue. My doctor told me to wait for 3 day before i'm taking my first bath and i started thinking about taking off my compression garment and wearing it again when i'm so swellen seems impossible!

First, did you wash your compression garment? and if so, should i put it in the dryer for it to dry? whouldnt it shrink? if not, should i wait for it to air dty for few hours? will that be ok after only 3 days to be without it? the other thing i'm worried about is wearing it again after. i don't know how can i fit in it since i'm so swollen and sore. (i woke up from the surgety with it on so i never put it myself).  how was it for you? tnx ahead!