TT, Breast and/or Lipo: Patients Speak Up! - Atlanta, GA

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Can anyone tell me their experiences with anything other than butt lifts that Dr. Jimerson has done please! Can I see pics public or private of ur tummys, arms, flanks, bra rolls something... I'm reading these reviews and I'm starting to change my mind. I will be upset if I spend this money and still look a mess! Help

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Hi there, welcome!

Dr. Jimerson does have a lot of BBL reviews, however, I have gone through his reviews and found some TT and Mommy Makeover for you. The links are below. Hope this helps!











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Thanks a lot of them are scheduled for next year and the ones they are done already do not reply to messages.I dont think I want this anymore :(
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Have you spoken to your doctor about your concerns? Maybe they can put you in touch with some former patients who are willing to share their stories?

The most important thing is that you have to feel comfortable about what you're doing and the doctor that is going to be doing it.

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