TriLuma works for my MELASMA

  • TinyTina
  • 6 months ago

I have had melasma for about 15 years.  I tried everything!  Laser made it worse.  I did the MSM thing.  I did the grapeseed, grapefruit, you name it oil and extracts.  I tried curing fungus.  I resorted to just buying extremely thick make-up to cover up the melasma on my cheeks.  My doctor said give TriLuma a chance....Within two weeks, the melasma faded completely.  But when I stopped for a week, I can see the melasma started to appear again.  SO, I have to apply a little bit of TriLuma at night and morning before my make-up EVERY DAY to keep melasma from forming.  It's not a cure, but keeps it from getting darker again.  Go ask your doctor for a prescription now.

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I was using TriLuma for 2 years (4 times per week at night only). In the beginning it almost faded all my melasma but after 6 months it wasn't helping much. The deep marks were seen, very visible. I kept applying it as the marks would become very visible if I stopped using it for 2 days in a row. It had made my facial skin very very thin, which I wasn't aware of. My skin started to become red on sunny days and when I was cooking or feeling hot. Then one day I decided to wax my face as the hair on my face needed waxing! Ow my gawd guess what? MY SKIN PEELED OUT! The pain was unbearable, my face was bleeding badly. It was very very sore. The scars were as bad as melasma. I had to apply ice and aloe vera for several days and stayed indoors. I started hating TriLuma after this incident. Triluma is not a permanent cure. Pls refrain. Apply herbal oils or serums. I havent found anything magical as yet but if I discover it I will post it. I am concealing my melasma with revlon makeup. Do not apply anything that will make your skin thin, such as hydoquinone or salicyclic acid or retinol etc.
That is great that you found something that worked for you :)