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Time in between sessions?

  • Andrew1987
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB
  • 9 months ago

So what's the best recomended time in between sessions. If you look online it's mainly 4-5 weeks although some say as much as 6 weeks. I know the longer you wait the better but does it make that much of a difference in the end. Im sure I also read that the more faded the tattoo is towards the latter stages of the treatment the longer you should wait. Thanks

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I have had 10 sessions with Qswitch and 1 with Picosure. On average my first clinic had me wait 6-7 weeks between basic Qswitch treatment and then 10 weeks if they did color specific the Picosure doctor says he wants to treat every 6 weeks. Not sure if I should spread it out further or not. I sure do not want to spend anymore money than I have to in order to get this removed.
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My skin wasn't completely normal until about two months after my first treatment. I didn't have issues with redness or scarring, but the inked areas were noticeably dry, flaky, and " textured" for a long time (about 3 months). I didn't go back for another treatment until I could run my hand over the tattoo without feeling a difference between it and the surrounding skin.
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There is a question that is often asked and there are different thoughts on it. For me, I feel that 4-6 week in between is not enough time, as the laser is turned up the trauma to the skin is more intense. My last session in October left me with lots of redness and I opted to wait longer for my next session, and I see that it continues to fade. One of our members posted some great information no this:

oneTime2many 1 day ago

Hey BB11, I just spoke w/ my Dr tonight actually for a quick consult to see how my progress was going. I was thinking about getting another session as I will be traveling soon for the holidays, but he explicitly said "no". He told me that the BIGGEST factor to consider w/ removal was time. TIME. I am now 2months post treatment 8 and he told me to wait AT LEAST another month, if not more. He said the visible ink is already broken down and just needs to be carried away by our bodies, but that that takes time. I am really impatient b/c I was originally quoted 1 year max and here I am 2 yrs later. My doc said also that the reality of tattoo removal is that it is a 1-3 year process....i had no idea until I spoke w/ him. He said that getting lasered too soon is very traumatic and can cause skin damage, possibly kill the carrier cells that are moving the ink out of your body! . I really think you should wait it out a few months in b/w treatments to let your skin heal. Trust me, the ink will continue to fade, just like mine is. I see significant fading on yours, some lines are completely gone! I also think you should maybe consider trying another laser...? Looks like your black is doing well but perhaps another laser works better on the colors..? Maybe call around to other clinics... Either way, try and stay positive and hopeful, as you have helped many people on here by saying the same. It's a stupid tattoo, and one way or another we will come to an end of this, whether thru cover up or removal! Best of luck to you!

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Hey Eva, how long do you wait between your sessions, I was booked in for 7 weeks between my 1st 2 sessions but my arm was completely healed within 2 weeks and now (5 weeks later) I can't see any more fading happening, although I have heard a lot of fading happens between 6-8 weeks. I'm using the picosure which is way less harsh on the skin too as I've heard other lasers can be brutal.
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Thanks for your support oneTime2many :) Yep, I'm going to wait it out another month or so, I actually do see more fading as weeks pass. I have 5 more prepaid sessions at this clinic then will see what I will do then :) Best of luck to you to!

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Hi Andrew1987, at first I was going every 4-6 weeks and then I think I waited more like 6-8. It's been since Oct. since my last session (#9)

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