are there good doctors in california that are real good with brazilian butt lifts?

  • IwantaGhettoBooty
  • michigan
  • 2 years ago

I keep changing doctor like a mad woman.Lol. im stuck between Dr.Perry and Jimerson but was thinking od seeing about different doctors elsewhere and Cali, is where its at..Lol.

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Try Dr afifi there's a girl on here bestie whose booty is amazing and another girl Red bone whoes going in Dec. I thought about her she's really nice. But I'm n fl so I'm going with salama good luck.
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Where is Dr Perry?
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Dr.Perry is in miami, im going to him, no more switching up,Lol..

Hi There,

Here is a link to our board certified doctors in your area that are qualified to perform this procedure. You should also be able to browse by location.

Hopefully this helps!

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