Is there anyone else who had vaser lipo from a doctor who neglected to do any post op treatment including massage therapy?

  • smurph
  • East Weymouth, MA
  • 6 months ago

I had vaser lipo 6 months ago on my upper and lower abs, as well as my flanks  My post op consisted of a 7 day follow up and a 15 week follow up appt in which I had Picts taken.  I was told I wouldn't see any real results until at least 6 months, which is this month.  In six months I've had two follow up apps.  I've never received any massage therapy or lymphatic drainage and now I don't know what to do to get the fluid out.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Fluid after Vaser LIPO is more evident, mainly because so much more fat is being removed with this form of liposuction. I routinely place drain tubes and have specialized garments as well as daily massages for at least 10 days. In my experience, the fluid eventually goes away as your body processes through it. Wearing a garment will help, in addition to time, although 6 months is a long duration. Just to be clear, fluid build up occurs with all forms of lipo- since most traditional techniques leave so much fat behind, you just don't see the fluid or eventually the muscle!
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What happens if the area gets no treatment at all? Will it eventually drain and fix itself. After 10 months and $7,000 I am extremely frustrated. My surgeon said its scar tissue? What should he do to fix it.
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