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How to do the "rice test"

  • 2 years ago

As you may know, one way to figure out what size implants would be right for you is to fill stockings with rice and stuff them in your bra. You can then wear them around to get an idea of how big you want to go.

RealSelf member Cyndi83 wrote a great tutorial:

Use knee-high hose (or cut-off pantyhose), and, using rice, fill them with the desired amount of cc's. (Ziplock baggies are not recommended, due to the "pointed" corners of the bag.) Once you have them filled, try them on under a sports bra.

The conversions below, which are approximate, will help you when doing the "rice test"


1 cup = 236cc

1/2 cup = 118cc

3/4 cup = 177cc

1/4 cup = 59cc

1/3 cup = 78cc

2/3 cup = 156cc

1/8 cup = 30cc

Thanks, Cyndi83!

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Thank you for posting the "cup=cc" amounts. I found that really helpful!
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You can youtube the rice test..ima try the rice test tonight..
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ok people.. so when I went to my consultation I didn't really feel like I had enough time with the sizers so I put water in bags (the ones for fruits n veggies at the grocery store) I called my P.S office and asked if it would be better with rice or water and they said definitely water.. When I did this test I found that 700cc are huge:) 650 are huge too.. is this right?
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I did 425 and they look weird and lumpy. Did I do it wrong?
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I put on 500 cc of rice and I look huge whats going on? Two cups each is how many?
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I am wanting to do under the muscle. Would I have to calculate the 25-50 CC's you lose in with the rice test.
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ok just did the rice test. 2.5 cups of rice. I was torn between 550cc and 600cc still torn. I can fit my work shirts that's a good thing. My chest feels heavy so i'm gonna walk around like this for a while to get use to the feeling. But how much heavier is the rice.
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haha! dry rice! And, it is very accurate in my opinion. I liked 2 cups of rice (for each boob), and had 520 ccs. Very happy :-)
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Ok :) I felt silly to ask haha did you use a sports bra? I tried with dry rice and used a lulu lemon top with a built in and I feel like it really squished them and made them look deformed!
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I feel like this is the dumbest question..but dry rice or cooked?
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thanks so much for this, my surgeon has asked me to do this and i wasnt exactly sure how..... it really is as simple as it seems :D time to go do my homework lol x
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