• KrissyVT
  • 10 months ago

I am 32, am getting married this year, and I've been mortified for the past couple of years by my eye bags...I hate all photos of me, and I even had a kid tell me I have scary eyes. I'm desperate to get rid of them and have tried creams (obv don't work, but I was totally playing the wishful thinking game) and eye exercises (not diligently, but I'm skeptical anyway). I exercise pretty regularly, eat halfway decently, have been trying to cut back on salt (def makes them worse!), but surprise, no miracles.I almost set up an appointment for a free consultation at a nearby doctor, Mitchell Schwartz, who is well-reviewed here, but I chickened out. I am too scared to go under the knife, but even the idea of injections freaks me out. Anybody have any tips on getting past first-timer anxiety with treating this stuff? Especially with what it might cost?