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Has anyone had their swollen eyelids 'deflate' and wrinkle/crease following botox?

  • Austin203
  • Austin, TX
  • 1 year ago

My eyelids used to be perfect, - I was injected incorrectly a Year ago, once my eyelid swelling finally went down my eyelids appeared Loose, creased, - unevenly and wrinkled. Has anyone ever experienced this and will my eyelids ever return to normal??? I am SO Upset!

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Swollen eyelids are a common complaint of people after having Botox and I don’t think there is anything to get worried about it. 1. You need to immediately consult your doctor first. 2. Practice to have a low salt diet it also helps. Also I would like to ask that whether you have consulted an expert or not? Do you have any other health issues, as Botox sometimes do effects in such cases? If you live in USA then consult at Look Younger MD.
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Hi I had my forehead and glabella injected two weeks ago supposedly conservative amount 20 units total My eyebrows drooped leaving heavy eyelids I am worried bout same thing and under eye area looks likes bags Help
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I noticed some people talking about the same issue on this forum:

Botox for crows feet side effects

Good luck with finding some info!

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