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i got old style impression. will that be inaccurate?

  • Shortleg
  • 2 years ago

i thought the provider would use the computer to directly get the 3D image of my teeth, and then make sets of my invisilgn. however, they use the old style impression to get the modle of my teeth first and mail to somewhere eles,then based on my teeth modle they get 3d and make invisilgn. i am super worried if this way will lead the invisilgn sets to be unmatched to my teeth? should i stop and change to another provider with better technology? i paid already : (

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When I went to have them made, the 3D scan would not give an accurate picture. They decided to do the molds, The made me a mouth guard out of the molds and it is pretty accurate. Molds are very reliable ways to make dental appliances.
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You're probably way past this by now but I wanted to throw my two cents in. I actaully had both the molds done and the 3D imaging when I started. The main advantage to the 3D imaging is that they don't have to wait for it to go through the mail, everything is on the computer with the 3D imaging and makes the process quicker. I had to have a second scan done after 10 trays and that time they just did the 3D imaging and not the molds.

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I wouldn't worry about that. Traditional impressions are generally very reliable and that is how all appliances used to be made. From what I have read in the reviews it seems many offices are still opting to go this route. I would encourage you to read through the reviews and I think you will see this too. Hopefully all will be great when your trays come in, in the off chance they are not, they can take new impressions & get you fixed up. :)

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