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Strange problem still a year or more after neck lift...

  • Roscoeismydog
  • 5 months ago

Trying this one more time..Guess I have not been giving enough info..When I was 49 I had a standard neck lift from a board certified very well thought of plastic surgeon. (bout a year ago now) The neck lift itself looks great, scars almost invisible behind and in front of ears and tiny one under my chin.. However as it healed and even now more than a year later..There is a thickened crescent shaped  under the skin scar or thickened area...(no where near where the surgeon cut) almost from my mouth down my jaw a bit.   My dermatologist referred to this as a "Tack scar" she sees after a facelift sometimes..I hear its just something that happens and is fairly rare.  The surgeon has offered me no way to fix this... My derm tried using a large needle and going under the area and trying to break it up or release it.. Looked almost all better right away... but then I realized that was just from the small bit of swelling from her efforts.  Its been more than a year... it looks horrible almost like I am a burn victim or victim of really bad plastic surgery..  However the neck looks great.. Is there another word for what this is called so I can research treatment?    Again it was a board cert great plastic surgeon, its been more than a year, and its a weird area that showed up as I healed and was no where near where he cut.  Its like a thickened band of tissue in the shape of a crescent on my right side.. There is a bit of one on the left side but its not as bad..   I can not really feel it with my fingers but very obvious in photos or in the mirror.  Any thoughts on treatment would be greatly appreciated or even other doctors that might have an idea what to do...I would be willing to be used in a study or just about anything at this point...Its very disfiguring. Please feel free to ask around with your colleges as well...   Photo attached..