Stay away from Juveni

  • lillyn77
  • 1 year ago

I ordered some of this Juveni product a little over 2 weeks ago. After reading all of these comments I am highly turned off and concerned about this poison. I looked at my Juveni account (TO TRY CANCEL) and notice my order is still pending, even know they have taking the money from my bank account! I have emailed several times with NO response!  I ended up getting the phone number and tried to ring. It was very unprofessional, they took my name and phone number and said they would get somebody to ring me back, he was absolutely clueless! I could hear the rustling of paper in the back ground, he was writing not using a computer. Anyway's he had an asian voice I don't think it was in America. Sure enough nobody has rung back. I tried ringing again to cancel this order and to get my money back. But no answer! I know why they wanted my number now.. Absolute crooks! They should be shout down! If I don't hear anything soon, I am going to report it to the news..  Wish I would have done my research first..