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What size sports bra after surgery?

  • Ttoy3kids
  • Utah
  • 1 year ago

I am buying a few new sports bras for after. Stupid question but what size sports bra after. I'm going from an 32A to full C. With swelling I'm not sure what size I will need. Thanks!

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The weiredest thing is I still wear between a 38 and 40 band size when it comes to sports bras. This is after having my implants; I've changed cup size just not band. Idk!
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Hi, I just had a BL and BA and before surgery I was wearing a 38 and with the swelling and implants. I am wearing a 44 sports bra. I will say the fruit of the loom that hook in the front are very comfortable. I would purchase a few sizes and you can always return. just my opinion and what I am wearing. The bra my Dr gave me is not as confortable .
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I was wondering too..
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I'm buying a XL in the genie Bras... There sizing is all messed up according to a bunch if the ladies on RSelf. But judging by their past experiences, XL is good for Full C/"Small"D. I have heard one size up from your Goal size is a great way to buy your post op bra. Maybe buy a few and see which fits after surgery. Also, I've read that Champion Nd Genie Bras are really comfy for recovery. Best of luck!
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Maybe a quick call to the surgeon's office is in order. I know they deal with this all the time. Wild guess, but maybe one size up from your desired end cup size?

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