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Has anyone gone into shock after liposuction??

  • babyraf
  • Ukiah, CA
  • 1 year ago

I had lipo 7 months ago, I went into shock after it, the clinic were a little vague with me about it. When I saw the doctor who performed the procedure the next morning he said it was because the I.v drip wasn't working but I distinctly remember the nurses having to change the bedclothes as they were blood soaked at least twice.i was put on a drip of volumes which apparently is for extreme blood loss. I am having a TT next week and I am worried it may happen again. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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Oh my goodness, babyraf, you poor thing! I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a harrowing experience. Did they do "large volume lipo" on you? Those procedure tend to be far riskier in terms of blood loss and electrolyte imbalance issues than smaller volume lipo procedures from what I understand. I agree completely with the other commentators in here - eating very healthy prior and after your procedure is the best thing you can do to arm your body with what it needs to heal properly and recover safely. Let us know how your recovery process goes!
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I'm so sorry about your experience. I came out of surgery convulsing. I never recovered. I'm not kidding. The surgeon maimed me.
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My advice to you is to store your own blood beforehand. Also take iron supplements to get your blood count up. I had the lipo 4 days ago and my hemoglobin has dropped way too low. They are making me eat lots of protein so that I dont have to have the transfussion. Eat lots of protein before your surgery too! Be careful!
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Thank you so much for that ... I had the corrective surgery on my tummy in Prague 10 days ago and all is well so far,apart from a little seepage from the middle of the scar. I was perfect after surgery this time but I think a lot of it was how professional the clinic was in Prague.i had been taking vits for some time and I'm a very health eater so i think that went in my favour.I hope u recover from ur lipo ok, and u don't bruise too much, u sound like u know wat ur doing !! Happy healing!
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Thanks, you too!
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