When should I see results for CO2 laser resurfacing?

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I had fractional CO2 laser done Feb. 26. What should I be expecting to see as of this date (April 5, 2010)?  At about the third week after my laser I really liked what I saw when looking at myself. Now today Im hoping I didnot waste my hard earned money. Am I expecting results to soon? Doctors feed back or somebody who has had c02 laser resurfacing.

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Hi my skin does look more youthful I too have lines around my mouth that have not disapeared also squint lines between my eyes. Like I said in my comment laser date was Feb.26 my skin is tighter around my eyes and all along my jawline.I think whats happening is that I need a redo in those problem areas I go back June 26 so the Doctor can check my progress.I dont know about where you had your treatment done, the office manager and the 61 year old lady behind the desk both had the laser done and love their results.If so my redo is free of charge. And it should be,because really and truely The doctors dont know how thick ones skin is. The areas that arnt thick a patient sees results instantly thicker areas not so quickly. This is my understanding, which makes total sense for the rising of collagen depth.

I was told that it may take up to 6 months to see the full benefit of fractional laser treatment because it is supposed to stimulate your own collagen to come to the surface. Has anyone experienced this? Because as of now, it has done nothing to eliminate those tiny wrinkles around my lips.


I did my under eyes only and I don't see much of a result. It's only been about 3 months. Is this it or will it keep improving?

I seen instant results under my eyes.Of course that is real thin skin around the eyes. So the collagen does not have far to rise to the surface.Some days they look better than other days. But over all the skin around my eyes looks more youthful. I think we expect a lot more from our laser treatment, when I think sleep and the way I take care of my face plays a big role in the out come of any treatment. Im not real satisfied yet its been 2 months and a couple days but my skin is better then what I had prior to laser.
I might have worded something wrong. The coments I recieved back was to wide range for the answers I was looking for. Today 4/9/2010 is my 6 week mark when I had fractional c02 laser done on my entire face. I only see some improvement under my eyes and the crows feet around my eyes.I had my c02 laser done on 3/26/2010 at what month mark should I be able to look in the mirror and know the money I spent was well worth it? What I mean by this is,at 4 months after laser I look at myself in the mirror and say oh wow I can see something happening here . At what month is that wow factor? Also if this didnot rejovinate my skin like the Doctor said it would also the research I done said what c02 would do for my skin. Is it safe to do a redo and how long do I wait. Doctors please and others with helpful input.