How Can I remove DARK VIOLET from my lips???

  • J.W.
  • Poland
  • 3 years ago

I had done my perm. make-up on a lip countour a week ago. I asked for a "cold dirty pink" (close to my natural pigment)  instead I look like a "corpse-bride". I am devastated... I dont know what to do, each outdoor activity means distress and shame. I have to cover it up with dozens layers of concealers in order to function, but even then it looks very ugly. Have anybody experienced something similar?  Is there any chance to make it look normal?  Can I remove the pigment or lighten it somehow, or maybe it is better to cover it with another pigment? I would be gratefull for couple pieces advice. Greetings.

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Use honey overnight and wash it with lime water in the morning
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Pigment can turn blue or purple if it has blue undertones and if you have blue tones in your skin, you can try to go over this color with an orange based red to lighten it up and counter the blue. Its only been a week so give it some time to completely heal as it should lighten, also scrubs and exfoliants will help remove some layers of skin and you will lose some pigment. Good luck.
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Hello guys use honey on your lips before sleeping at night and let them dry for morning. Continue untill get result.
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I don't know what this is but I get cold sores regularly and after it heals they leave permanent colorless spots on my lips.I'm dark skinned and it doesn't look good.any idea what it is and how I can get my skin back to normal,these discolorations are only limited to my lips after a cold sore,no other parts of the body.
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Your tech should have told you to see your doctor to get a prescription for antiviral oral medication (Acyclovir, Famvir, Valtrex, Zoviraz) which would probably have prevented your cold sore if used before and after the procedure. You can then fill in the missing spots safely.
You can think of laser treatment.The intense laser beam can break up the ink and can fasten the removal process. Thanks
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Hi, I have some serious lip darkening problem. I used to have dried chapped lips in my early teens and the problem still remains I'm 30 now. But from baby pink my lips have turned dark purple !! How does laser help??
Dear J.W. I have exactly similar lips at the moment - since 5 weeks - and do not know how to get rid of this nasty color.How you are doing now? Best regards, E.N.
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Has anyone had their lip liner tattoo removed by laser? I have a dark red liner and am consider laser tattoo removal. Please share your experiences. thank you tinysou
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One must be very careful with regard to pigments used for lip procedures and lasers. If any titanium dioxide is present in the pigment, lips will turn black. Not a great idea! There are some techniques used to lighten lips, but again, care must be taken to avoid furthering the situation ie: hyperpigmentation or scarring. Without seeing a photo of your lips, it's hard to make a recommendation!
Hi, I'm glad I found this forum with real cases similar to mine and professional advice. I'm 35 and of hispanic origin. I had permanent lipliner done about 7 months ago by a beginner esthetician close to the family (I know, that was dum) I hated it from the beginning. After three weeks I went back to the esthetician who told me she could correct it with a retouch and make it lighter. I had an awful cold sore outbreak two days later. The color is still a dark sienna on the lower lip and has faded a little bit on the upper lip. All the information I have about the pigment is that is organic and a mix of many colors. I'm so disappointed and mad at myself for having this done. All I want is to have it removed, but I'm afraid to make it worse. I hated it so much I have to apply concealer and then long lasting make up as soon as I get out of bed. I don't even want my husband to see me without make up. My self esteem has being so affected by this. Please I'd appreciate any advice about the possibility of removal.
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Hi Cari_sad,

Another community member had a similar experience to yours. She posted a question in our Q&A section and the doctor that answered it gave a very thorough answer. Hopefully the info he has shared will help you as well. Click here to see the Q&A.

just wanna say thanks for your advise, my makeup was done 5 days ago, its already scabed, i was scared because mine seems to have completely dissapeared after the scabs came of, after you said i will come back I feel better.
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All colors heal cooler in the skin than they look. The color in the surface skin (epidermis) will be lost when you heal, because those skin cells change roughly once a month. When new translucent skin cells grow over the remaining pigment in the dermis, the color will appear lighter because there's less of it, and cooler, because light refracts as it passes through the new translucent epidermis. So you can't pick a truly "matching" color wet expecting it to look the same healed. An experienced tech knows her/his colors, and how they will look when healed. Sometimes clients push for too cool or dark a color when wet, and that's when you get lips that are too blue or purple. Also, if you have strong blue undertones in the lip color, it will add to the tendency of cool colors to look cooler. A slight cooling can be offset with the addition of a very warm (orange based) color. But blue is visually stronger and longer lasting than red or yellow, so it takes a LOT of warm color to warm up a really purple lipcolor, if it works at all. Black/mauve probably means it was just the wrong color to start. Anyone with a history of cold sores needs to be on antiviral medications prophylactically for 2-3 days before and after the procedure to minimize the risk of outbreaks. The cold sore/herpes 2 virus lives dormant in the associated nerves forever, and is stimulated by the tattooing process. Finally, the days of really sore and swollen lips immediately after the procedure should be gone, if techs use today's effective, epinephrine enhanced anesthetics, high end machinery, and post treatment with low level light therapy, all of which will minimize swelling and bleeding. My lip clients walk out looking perfectly normal, as they should. But there are still a lot of people with minimal knowledge and poor technique abusing faces out there. Removal with Q switched YAG laser by a doctor, and/or saline gel removal by a permanent makeup technician, are both possible, and will significantly improve colors that are too dark or blue. But don't do laser if the original color formula contained any white, as the white will fracture and turn darker under the laser.
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Hi Mhikyla,
I am so sorry to hear of your distress. Permanent make up is seriously a complex procedure, as each individual will need a custom made mixture of pigment to achieve the desired effect. It really does have great bearing on your skin colouring and ethnicity. Secondly any PMU ( permanent make up) takes time at least for the first week to change and get lighter. As blood and lymph are usually present making it look darker, so PMU usually lightens the first week by at least 30-40% and will definitely be 4 weeks for a true colour to be visible. I too unfortunately had a bad experience having my lips done, and it was done by the actual owner of a well known PMU company here in the UK. I also wasn't numbed up!! My lips looked like two conkers, dark brown and extremely swollen. I was in excruciating pain too. My lips had a real black/mauve line all through the bottom lip. It was implanted far too deeply. I waited 6 weeks for full healing, as i had an outbreak of cold sores. I implanted orange into my own lips to counter balance this
nightmare, and made sure I numbed myself up plenty. Also did you read through your consent forms you signed? As usually it will stipulate that there is no guarantee on the colour or shape. So 'caveat emptor' meaning buyer beware should be exercised. It would also help I believe in this forum for people to say what country they are from, as each country has different laws. As for laser treatment please also make sure they are qualified and experienced in the correctional field.
I will end what must read like a novel! My final note...time is a great healer, excuse the pun, but especially with PMU.
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I feel Your pain Mhikyla, really.
I started to avoid interactions with people to minimum, if it is going to continue I might end up with some serious depression.

My 1st advice is-go to another technician! Not the one,that made the horrible make-up! You probably demand compensation, and correction for free, but dont risk for 2nd time with non-competent amateur. What she told You is a nonsense, after 3 weeks the chance that, it will gone away is very very small.

I have found the best technician in my area to consult with her the issue, and 3 others, to be sure, so I think I have enough information on issue :)

About a scar- the technician probably did the make-up too deep and placed the pigment into your dermis not epidermis (so what You have is more like a tatoo), and that why it is so dark, and You might have received also a scar :( Unfortunately I also have a scar, thick line behind the pigment, and I think it will heal just a little, but the mark will stay for ever :(

About the orange is really strange, why she added this color.. but probably she wanted to 'break' the pink and gain another color.. Mine cosmetologist mixed pink with some light brown in order to make it "dirty" pink, but the result is as it shows on my picture :(

What we both can do now is to do camouflage-permanent make-ups...couple of times...:/ It is feasible, so dont worry, but it will take a lot of time and money :(

The second option is Q-switch laser, but reallly few clinics do this (at least in my country), beacuse it requires modern, and very precise equipment, and also the risk of scar is not that small.

I concern both options, first I will try to britghen the blue with laser, then I will do another permanent make-up.

Let us stay in contact, so we can share experience and news.

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I had the same experience. I just got a permanent full lip make up done three weeks ago but my upper lip turned very dark instead of red as well as the sides of my lower lip! I really hate it! I am so embarassed to talk to people. Now everytime I go to work, I have to cover it with concealer and lipstick. I have not talked to the esthetician who did my lips yet but before the procedure, she told me that her previous client had dark lips after the procedure but it has gone away after some time. Not sure how long. Damn! I am so frustrated for having dark lips instead of kissable rosy pink lips. By the way, she did put a lot of orange color on my lip before putting the color that I chose. I am wondering why my lips turned dark? Is this some type of a scar??? And I also noticed that my lips have more lines than what I have before. OMG!!! this is making me so depressed! Please help!!!
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Hello I came across your experience here when I was searching about my situation. I had my lip tattoo done with a Chinese lady who did my lip tattoo 5 years ago which turned fine. However this year. lip lips turned lip yours...dark colour on my upper lips and sides of my lower lips. I went to another place who tried all sorts or coral colour and we did it for several times already for several months. Still nothing happened. How did you fix yours? I am very embarrassed n lipstick now is my bestfriend. Please help.
I am white caucasian: dark blonde, with blue eyes (and recently also with blue lips ;D).

Thank You for advice, I will pass this suggestion to my technician :)

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Hope all goes well, keep us posted on your progress. That way it will help others who anticipate permanent make up, or those with problems.
Elegance Forever Beauty Clinic UK
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Thnx for advice.
It has already scabbed over and fallen off unfortunately. :(
I have already consulted another specialists doing such make-up coreections...but the perspectives arent so bright :( I might try to cover it with another pigments (it may request 3 or more times to be covered), but there is no guarantee it will ever look "normal" again...
Whoever considers doing permanent make-up...REALLY SHOULD THINK IT OVER.
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HI J.W., 

If it's only been a week and hasn't scabbed over and fallen off yet, you should give it a bit more time. It can take to two weeks plus for a tattoo to do that, and in the meantime as it is getting ready to scab it will get much much darker and than usually fall off. Make sure you keep it very well moisturized so you don't experience a scar. Also you might want to chat with community members Myladylana  and SY214 they know a lot on this subject. 

Hope that helps, thanks,


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