• Julie20144
  • 7 months ago

I am so mad!  I had botox in my forhead and because of the symptoms I had for 2 weeks and the swollen eyelid I still have I asked for a refund.  I'm not paying £200 for a swollen eyelid!  He only injected 10 units and it was effective anyway as I still have wrinkles!  not that I care about that.  Anyways I received an email from the doctor today which said he advised me on the side affects of botox and he didn't think my symptoms were due to botox but as a good will gesture he will refund me.  Went to get my refund and there was a statement for me to sign saying I can not claim for any losses or compensation and will not take this matter any further.What a cheek!  That's not a good will gesture, that's covering there backs!  I'm not signing it and if I don't get my refund I will take it further and claim compensation!   I've never been in this situation before.  I've never come across a doctor like this.

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