• Dail
  • 10 months ago

After getting laser hair removal on my privates I I developed and rash after using   feminine wipes a week later and developed a red itchy rash on my vulva area , the rash is redish colour with small white spots ,it is terribly itchy and burns like stinging nettles  I have tried everything from thrush creams to heat rash creams to aloe Vera and nothing is helping. I have had dermatologist look at it and 2 other doctors but know one seems to know what it is :( , I have used steriod creams also ,please some one help  I have had this for 4 months now and getting no results from doctors , no std or thrush as tests for both were negative 

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Oh no, sorry to hear that, I bet it's frustrating. This would be a great question to ask a Doctor just click the link and you will be directed to post your question on the site. 

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