What Questions Should I Ask at my Consult?

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What questions should I ask at my consult to know if the doctor is using the proper technique? It is all about technique right, the taking out, purifying the right amount, etc. My fear is they can all talk a pretty good talk, and I don't want to waste my money.

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wow,this was incredibly helpful thanks for posting these great questions:)
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I've been doing my research and I have a couple of pages of questions for my consults. I have one next month (May, one in June and another in September. My BBL & TT will be my Christmas present to myself. Here's what I'm asking (apologies for the "extended post")...

1. Length of Procedure

2. Length of Recovery

3. How many times have you done the procedures?

4. Is anesthesia care is provided by board-certified M.D. anesthesiologists?

5. Are major surgical procedures are performed in an accredited surgery center?

6. Is an overnight observation after surgery with the bedside care of an R.N. available?

7. Number of follow up appointments needed.

8. Is post-op care cost included in the procedure price?

9. If not, what are the costs?

10. How soon would I be able to go back home? (If doctor is out-of-town)
Surgeon’s Performance & Procedure
11. What are your complication and reoperation rates for this procedure?

12.Have you had any serious complications and unplanned hospitalizations after cosmetic surgery?

13. Has a cosmetic surgery that you performed ever resulted in a lawsuit?

14. Have you ever been disciplined by a state medical board?

15. Do you strive to produce results that are natural-appearing, that do not advertise a trip to the operating room.

16. Do you have other patients who are willing to speak to prospective patients about their full experience results?

17. Is it possible to speak to any of your patients who has had the same/similar procedure and if possible, a similar starting point as mine.

18. Do you feel that we share the same aesthetic vision for me?

19. Have I asked you any questions that you feel were inappropriate?

20. Do you believe in God? (If they say NO, they will NOT service/operate on me.
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@CougarMomma, Thank you so much for this list of questions. It is very helpful. I didn't think to ask half of those. I will definitely be asking the majority of these. And I agree 100% on Question #20!! God bless you :)
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of this.
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Another thing to research is that I found some doctors only lipo enough to do the butt fat transfer but some do more lipo and use what they need and throw out the extra to give you more lipo. Different people take the fat injections differently and only have a certain amount of usable fat, and docs use different injection methods. The doc can pretty well determine just by looking at you if you will have enough "good/solid" fat to use. That's why they have certain spots they like to take from because there is better fat there, such as the flanks(ex.).
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*about HALF stayed out of 3000 cc's..so he had about 1500 cc;s to work with!
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I have sooo many ?'s for you! You seem to be one of the most knowledgeable people I've run into in these forums. So...
1) How long since you had the procedure done? How much of the fat was reabsorbed would you say?
2) Who was your Surgeon and how much was your procedure?
3) Overall is there any lumping of fat anywhere on your butt?
From you pic it seems like you had great results, any info is greatly appreciated.
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if you have cellulite a BBL may correct that problem, and I dont have any lumping but I really didnt have cellulite to begin with...the answer to all your q's are answered in my review so go ahead an check it out also check out "i wanna shelfbooty do i have enough fat?" by SSN....i answered a LOOOTT of q's there too! =)
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im officially 6 months post op
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Thankyou. I know a lot of my ?'s were redundant and I happened to see your other posts after I had already posted. So thanx for taking the time to answer still.
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It's cool and your welcome!!
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Definitely ask about the lipo and transfer technique. I had this done 6 days ago and the results are pretty incredible. I would definitely ask how many CCs he/she will inject in each butt cheek. I got 1000 CCs in each cheek. It's pretty amazing. Ask where you he will take the fat from and do your research on your own to be sure that it all sounds correct. Doctor shopping is what I did and i'm glad I did it before I made my choice. It does matter. Good luck!
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you see this is the thing that gets me...how can the dr. tell you how much they will lipo and graft when they have no idea of actually how much fat will be usuable?
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Your doctor can give an estimate of how much fat they may be able to lipo out of you due to your size. The maximum you can take out without an overnight stay in the hospital is 5 liters; or 11 lbs. They can take out MORE but you will have to stay at the hospital over night! 5 liters is 5000 cubic cenimeters, or "cc's". Out of 5 liters at LEAST half is good fat, so that is 2,500 cc's! And based on your size, will determine how much they can put back in..I am very small framed, and my doc was able to remove 3 liters of fat..so that's 3000 ccs...about half so I got about 700 cc's per cheek and got great results! Hope that helped! Basically just ask your PS, he/she will give you an idea of what they can do for you. I asked and got anywhere from 500-800 cc's, I went with the most experienced doc that was certain he'd give me the MOST he could and had the most favorable reviews. Good luck!
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Sounds good :)
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that is true but another thing you have to be warry of is if you do talk to patients of docs are they being really true or given some sort of incentive...rarely people are real nowadays its all about the might dollar, that so many lie to achieve....
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Hi Johnna,

That's a good question, and one that so many people stress about regardless of the surgery!

Definitely ask to see before and after photos, and look at them with a skeptical eye. Try to find some "before" photos that look like you, and see if the "after" effect is what you're looking for. Also, some doctors are willing to let you talk to former patients, and this can be a great resource for information you'd never think to ask. Of course, you have to remember that no doctor is going to send you to talk to an unhappy patient, so do your research online too and try to create a full picture of what the doctor is like: does he generally get good results, do you trust him, are you happy with the results he says he can give you, etc.

Have you scheduled any consultations yet? If you let us know who you're seeing, we can look up reviews for you. PM me if you don't want to share the docs' names publicly (click on my name and then click the "Mail" icon).

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress!

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Hi Sharon!
I live in NYC and I was thinking about gettin my BBL with Kenneth R Francis, I havent called them yet because Im still looking for the best place to do it at. I am wondering if Kenneth is the best one to go to in NYC or if you would suggest anyone else?
have a blessed day!
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hello Sharon, thanks to realself it makes this whole process more easier to manage. I am new to this website. I wanted to choose dr. Pat Pazmino but I cant find any solid reviews on him. I seen about two or three. I also was looking at dr.Salama as well. Also I was looking at Dr. Lance Wyatt but couldnt find a lot of reviews on him about the brazilian butt lift. Thank you very much
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