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Is It Possible to Get a Quality Breast Augmentation for $3000-4000. Southern California?

  • Kholden
  • California
  • 1 year ago

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I got my ba done in OC cali fountain valley and paid about 3500$ and I'm very pleased !!!
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I've read lots of reviews and seen tons of before/after pics from some of the surgeons in TJ, and they do really nice-looking work for very reasonable prices. My best friend and I got our BA around the same time. I went to a very prestigious doctor and paid $10K, and have been horribly dissatisfied with my results ever since. She went to Mexico and paid around $3k and had excellent results with which she is extremely pleased. I remember trying to dissuade her from going to a TJ Chop Shop, as I called it at the time. I was just sure she would get gangrene and lose a breast. However, I now wish I had gone with her to her surgeon!
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Are you still looking? if you are i;m going to be honest and say you will need more than a implant. most likely a lift is needed also and i don' tthink its possible. their are PS on here that you can ask on the forum
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Helped immensely , thank you !
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Hi There,

Hopefully this helps!

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