How are you preparing for your BBL? Dieting? Working out? Buying supplies? Let's share!

  • BBLDollie
  • New York, NY
  • 1 year ago

My BBL is in less than 30 days (May 7) and I'm trying to prepare myself for the journey by.... Well I'm supposed to be eating as much fresh food as possible (i.e. made in my own kitchen from raw food like raw meat, veggies, fruits and grains), but I've been eating crap like 40% of the time lately. I've been buying supplies though: two track suits, urinal cup (so I can pee standing up over my toilet), a military seat (so I can sit down without putting weight on my butt) and a boppy pillow.

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Hey there, welcome!

This is a great idea for a forum post. Hopefully it will help a lot of the BBL ladies!

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Thanks very much Kristy. I'm planning to document my journey on video because I think this "community of the curious" is grossly underrepresented in videos. There aren't enough videos out there helping us actually see the decision making process that everyone is going through and what it's like to come out on the other side!
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That's an awesome idea! You're right, there's not enough visual accounts of this type of procedure! I look forward to seeing your videos. If you need any help uploading them to your review, just let me know.

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