Porex Cheek/Jaw Implant Removal-Please Share

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  • 3 years ago

I had porex orbital rim implants 4 months ago and am looking at getting them removed. I had them done by Dr Yaremchuk who did a terrific job, but I just miss my old face (which wasn't that bad looking before) and smile and would rather avoid any long term infections, extrusions, ect that might occur in the future as I am only 25 years old. Dr Y said it should not be a problem, but I just wanted to hear about some others experiences with removal and if things went back to normal. Also is recovery quicker? It took like 3 months for the swelling to totally subside when my implants were placed. I feel like I wasted so much money though probably no one could convince me otherwise not to do it initially.  I  guess it will be a good life lesson learned.

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cstudent80 - I know this post is a couple years old now, so I was hoping you are still around. I was wondering how the infraorbital scars have matured since it has been a couple years. Are they still noticeable? I always think about what the effect would be if a person were to get a tan. If you have external scars, such as this one, wouldn't the scar be even more visible? If anyone else has experience with this procedure and the scars I would love to hear their feedback as well. Thanks!
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If you are talking about the eye incisions they are practically invisible and I had them cut twice because the implants were removed one year later. My only advice would be make sure you know what your getting into. I my case I spent 18k and about 2 years of my life focusing on this rather than doing anything noteworthy.
Thank you :)
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Don't worry you will be fine
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Did he do tissue resuspension with your ori's (midface lift)? I have not heard of him doing them without it. I have had silicone implants removed 6 weeks ago, in the submalar and premaxilllary area, and it hasn't gone back to how it was before, my whole face is sagging. I am looking at going to Dr Yaremchuk to resuspend my tissues,he is recommending ori's also. They don't tell you that once you have done the surgery, there really is no going back.
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Be careful that the MFL won't make the submalar area look even more hollow. I have sagging cheek pads but hollowness underneath the cheek also. Plus naturally flat cheeks (too flat). It's a tricky thing to know what to do.
Hi Brangalina,
I am having my Malar implants removed due to an infection I developed recently. I am reading your post and getting even more nervous about the removal due to tissue sagging. Did you ever have tissue resuspension and if so, how did it work out? Did you have the initial removal w/out the suspension? I am also noticing that all of the surgeons I have spoken to never seem to have before and after photos which keeps me wondering how bad the sagging will actually be....any advice :)
Hi there cstudent, how are you doing right now? Are you still thinking of getting it removed?

I also have been talking to dr. Y in Boston about cheek implants. That's why your post caught my attention.
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Hi, I will PM you with the details. I don't know any of this for sure, BUT I believe ORI removals are pretty complex as they're porex, like going in there again could cause scar tissue and could potentially change the shape of the eye if the lower lid pulls down a bit.
I don't think you'd sag too much, but id be more worried about the internal aspects with porex.
You didnt mention what you didn't like about your jaw?
I'd say, have a consult and maybe see whether if it'd be better to wait for a while, when all swelling and scar tissue has resolved. If he could shave them down, I think that'd be preferable. Were yours custom made?
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thanks for the reply. Who was this other person who had the complications? Can you provide a link. I think at minimum I will have to have them shaved down. They were put in to build up the tear trough however they have made my face appear fatter and my smiling makes it look even worse and I am a thin person. I know sagging could occur if I remove them but I might just have to take the risk. Have a consult soon so we'll see.
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They were put in through the mouth but an insicion near the outside of the eye was required to access the upper portion of the orbital rim. My scar from this is hardly noticeable but if there is another cut it will probably be much more I would assume. Maybe I could get some kind of scar revision later.
Hey, have you considered having them shaved down? I mean, removal is pretty risky - I've heard porex removal can have bad complications for a small no. of patients, even in the best of hands. Also, don't ori implants have to be removed through the eye, potentially changing the shape? I know dr y is very skilled, but complications happen, even in the best of hands. I've read about a person who's very recently gone through a similar (more extreme perhaps) course of action to you, I think maybe even the same surgeon.
If you say you look good but "miss your old face" then maybe you just haven't had chance to get used to the new you, either that or the implants may be a bit much (hence shaving down might be more appropriate if this is possible?!)
I don't think long term infection or extrusion will likely happen, I would be more worried about getting a revisional surgery that may put you In a worse place than you now are, I thnk you shuld just give it a little more time unless there is a real problem.
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Sorry my mistake - not sure whether ori implants can be shaved down bt jaw implants certainly can be. Just take a little time to analyze your face a bit and remember what you wanted to achieve initially, keep that in minds eye.