Best Place to get Juvaderm Lip Injections in South Florida

  • palmbeachgirl
  • 1 year ago

Hi girls, I've always wanted to do lip injections but I'm terrified of some of people out there who only do the 2 day courses then make women look like ducks. Who do you recommend in South Florida. I'm in Palm Beach,   Thanks

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One of the best ways to check for doctors in your area is to hit the "Doctor Finder" tab near the top of the page.

That will give you a list of board certified doctors that you can search by your area, then refine your search by either specialty or procedure.

Once you have the list refined down you can read the profiles, look at the Q&A answers provided by the doctor, and read all of the reviews submitted by other community members. Hopefully that will help you find someone you are comfortable going to. :)

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