What Person Did You Use For Your Wish Body?

  • mommy_to_7
  • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • 1 year ago

I am trying to think of who I want my body to look like. At 6'0 it's only so small that I wish to go without looking like I've been smoking crack. I'm kind of leaning towards J.Lo or Beyonce. I am wanting to get lipo in my chin, upper arms, full back, stomach, thighs, calves and ankles.(yes I know pretty much everywhere lol) I don't want to leave anything out because I don't want it to look uneven.

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I've been looking on Playboy and Penthouse websites for pics of women who around my height/build for breasts, waist, hips, butts, tummies... I am compiling a folder with all the pics so I can take them to the doctor I finally choose.I try to get multiple angles of the same area so I can show him/her exactly what type of proportion or result I want. I find these sites are great for exactly this purpose because all the women are nearly or completely nude, and their pictures are from various angles. It was my husband's idea and I thought he was just being perverted, but it has been my best resource for pics so far!!
Honestly, first I looked at other girls pages who wanted the same things I did. Then I went and googled best/sexiest "insert body part here" and I went from there. I was suprised to find that some of the best women were a bit more modestly proportioned than I thought so that was cool. :)
heheehe I did that too. I went by height of actresses so I could find similar body frames. I also went by age. LOL

Hey there, welcome!

This is a great forum post for you ladies to get involved in! I know just from looking around the BBL pages that you all share a lot of "wish" pics.