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Permanent full lip color crazy swelling

  • SuzieQ64
  • 5 months ago

had full lip color done but the swelling seems to be increasing rather than decreasing and I look like a duck.  Any tips to reduce swelling? Also I was not given anything for after care and using just polysporin as directed by the makeup artist who did my lips.  It just seems to be making my lips bigger and bigger.  I also notice that polysporin has mineral oil, petrolatum, polsorbate, propylene glycol, water and wax.

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Yes - you might be having an allergic reaction to the polysporin - everyone's body is different in that regard. You might want to try aquaphor instead. I also took arnica gel and placed it on the skin around my lips (not my lips). I took arnica tablets every 30 minutes for a full day. If you use an icepack only use it on the skin around your lips and not directly. Also for my, the line around my lips was pretty bad so I placed neosporin just on on my lip line and that helped tremendously. If none of this works see a dr, as you could have an infection or be allergic to the tattoo color used.
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Yes you are right I'm sure. Week 2.5 and still recovering. All new skin about 10 times on my lips and still there are bumps and I think dead skin parts. What a nightmare!
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Maybe you have an alergic reacction intsted of a swelling???
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