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How painful will Botox injection be?

  • Julie_S
  • south bend indiana
  • 4 years ago

I have just made an appt for my first botox injection for TN. my question is how painful will this be?

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It might be possible that if it's your first time then you can get pain with Botox injection. But generally if these injections are not much hurting as the Doctor uses a very small needle rather than very deep injections. The remedy to heal the pain is that rub the ice cube after injection.
Well, Botox treatments are better than any other method of wrinkle reduction such as cosmetic surgeries etc. So its better to get injected once every six months than getting under the knife. Its not painful. I got my treatment done from LDSC.
NO,its not painful at all.Botox, derived from a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum, is a protein compound which is used in the treatment. It blocks the release of acetylcholine, a chemical messenger found in the nerve cells. The muscle cell contracts due to the nerve impulse transmitted by the nerve cell. The weakening of the muscle cell paralysis the muscle and pulls the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles. The complete effects of the treatment can be seen in five to seven days, and may vary depending on the severity of wrinkles and treated muscle’s strength.

Yes it hurts!! no pain at all you say?? I just had bro-tox for the first time and all these reviews about not feeling a thing is not true, it kinda does hurt to be honest especially around your eyes, it feels like someone is sticking a needle into your face! The forehead isn't to bad. Maybe you ladies have a lower pain threshold then us men! Oh and one thing do all your homework before you go,like everything!! You will be in there for 5 min, the doctor wont even look at you until he has the needle in his hand so no time for talking, then he rushes you out for the next patient. Make sure you know what you can and cant do after botox like don't touch it for the whole day! Don't move your facial muscles for 4 hrs, and no laying down for 4 hrs after. Don't do any exercise or let the face see the sun for minimum 4hrs. And deffinatly don't be exfoliating after it for at least a day. Don't bend from the waist for at least 4 hours as this will put pressure in the face and encourage it to spread. Oh and a lunchtime injection, just be careful of wating times.. I was in the clinic for 1 hr and 20minitues... granted I had a 20min light facial before the injections but still this is a lengthy wait This was my first time, I was very nervous but all in all it was a quite pleasant experience. They say not to have caffeine before the injections, I had a coffee before I went so maybe that explains the pain????


I agree totally with Coopster - no pain at all, My consultant after consultation reassured me I would experience very little pain. She started the procedure by injecting me and I dont mean stabbing me with a needle, you are only peirced just under the skin and injected with the botox, no discomfort at all.


Doesn't hurt at all!!!! I had in between my eyes done and it was nothing!!! I worried for no reason!

one injection since march, right side of my face, and the pain was usually steady but would esclate at times. I tried almost every medication they offered but I had reactions to them all. Dr Chadwell was my dr in south bend next to the hospital. they shots were under 100.00 depending on how much botox or disport he used. I had better luck with disport. If you would like to call me let me know I will email you my number.
How many times have you gone since March?

What side is your pain on?Where on your face?

How many attacks were you having a day?

Were you on any medication before trying this, are you still?

Where did you get this performed at?Hospital?

Assuming you have insurance how much is it for this?

Sorry for all the questions, but I can't find any information on this online, just people saying they were going to try it, and then no follow up.....

I'm in Cleveland,OH and tried to get an appointment at Metrohealth and they said they don't do this for TN just Hemifacials Spasms and don't believe everything you read online??!?

Cleveland Clinic can't get me in till early January, and won't let me talk to a Doctor for 30 seconds to ask if they even do this for TN.......I don't want to wait all this time and waste money telling me they don't do it there or I'm not a candidate....

I have had several injections and it wasnt to bad, he numb me pretty good first. nothing compared to the pain of TN. I havent had to have an injection for several months now ! I am hoping this continues ! good luck. Julie
How was it? DO you still have TN?
has anybody tried botox for trigeminal neuralgia ?
I have Trigeminal neuralgia and have an appt to have botox. being a injection in the joint will this be real painful? I am trying to prepare myself ahead of time.