Is it normal to leave a breast augmentaion consultation in tears??

  • AmazinglyMe
  • NY
  • 9 months ago

Im 31 years old and have wanted bigger boobs since I was born :} well I never got them and I also knew I would get a ba as soon as I could afford one. Well that time is finally here!! Ive been doing all my home work and I thought I knew what I wanted.  I went into my consultation feeling confident about the direction I wanted to go.... until this ps shot me down..POW POW smoking gun :( Not only am I certain she will not be surgeon, Im now second guessing if Im going to do it at all< which has me feeling extremely down.  Don't get me wrong, she was very nice, bubbly, personable, and seemingly a good ps. She even gave me a hug on my way out... That's where the parade stopped.  I always thought I had pretty nice boobs besides them being on the small side,  but apparently my nipples are stupid jerks.  They point outwards, which ive noticed but thought that it would improve with fuller breast. nope gets worse. If my nipples point out any further they be on the side of my boob, dam near under my pit!!!!  She said theres nothing that can be done about that and anyone who told me they can fix it would be lying. Also they are very close to my breast crease so she said she would create a new one from inside through the muscle which just sounds so unnatural!! ok, so those things are not HER FAULT, I get that, but what did rub me the wrong way about her is that she made me feel like wanting saline through the pit was a WRONG CHOICE.  She held the saline implant in her hand like a piece of garbage she wanted to toss, and said they're "cheap" and "feel cheap" .. Ive done enough research to know the pros and cons of both saline and silicone, but she shot down when I said I wanted to go with saline for health reasons. She said silicone is perfectly safe and Im sure they are, for the most part but Ive read a lot of horror stories and I just feel more secure choosing saline. I felt that her response was unprofessional. (my opinion).  ANYWAY im feeling pretty down and cried the entire way home :{ Anyone else get let down by their consultation?