New All Porcelain Crown Tooth #20 Has Annoying Inside Bulge. Why Not Shaped Like Mirror Image #29 - a Perfect Guide to #20?

  • WILDWIND2007
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • 1 year ago

I had asked my dentist to consider the mirror image tooth, so he took a full mold of jaw to send to lab. Yet inside of teeth feel is different on left versus right due to bulge of crown. He tried grinding inner side before permanent cement. I could not judge correct amount of grinding. (We had over–ground the temp crown.) Is grinding even correct for inside of Crown (removes smooth surface)? I will replace, even at full price as so annoying. To what extent Dr. should replace at no cost?

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I saw you received an answer in the Q&A section. I hope it was helpful.

Did your natural tooth #20 have a bulge on it, or is this a change since the crown was placed?

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Dentist had no tooth number 20 left to make a mold from. It had already been destroyed by endentontist for root canal. I should have made that more clear. My point however and as i pointed out to dentist in advance, is that we did have the mirror tooth to consider. Given the incredibly immaculate work that can be done one the front side for any crown, I am saying a bit more care could have been made simply measuring in micrometers the width of the mirror tooth. As it is now, my tongue always hits this new bulge first. I am extremely conscious of it. It's not just the mirror tooth to consider as well. It's my entire teeth on the inside are without bulge. I understand the dentist won't be happy with a 'come-back' as I called it in my service industry. i can compromise some but I WILL replace, and I think that speaks volumes for it's acceptability.
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Well, hopefully the dentist will be understanding and you guys will be able to work out a compromise that works well for everyone. Having something annoying in your mouth can be really distracting, so if its bothering you I don't blame you for wanting it changed.

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