Anyone else Need some moral support

  • db4758
  • Flagler Beach, FL
  • 3 years ago

My history in short: Rt breast cancer diagnosed 9/10,  bi-lateral mastectomy 12/10,  memory gel implants 4/5/11. Not happy, not large enough & told him this from my first post op visit, cannot seem to get my dr to listen/hear me. Does not answer my questions, either avoids them or talks but says nothing. Going for 2nd opinion on 8/1 and replacement implants are scheduled for 8/9. Dr. says he cannot do it earlier than that which frankly I do not believe unless he is taking a 3 week vacation between now and then. 2nd dr's nurse said he could do them 2 weeks after consult. Both drs have same reputation, Original dr's staff is rude and unaccomadating unless he is in the room. How do or do I tell him about the staff's attitude and do I questions him if he can make a place for my surgery which I believe he can. All drs can it just depends on whether or not they CHOOSE to. 1st dr. Dr Z  and I got off on the wrong foot and have not been able to start fresh. Any opinions.????