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"What is Minimum Recovery Time for Breast Lift with Augmentation?"

  • gbgirls
  • Asheville, NC
  • 2 years ago

I am planning a vacation to Aruba in June and wondering if 2 months is long enough time to recovery properly so I can enjoy myself. Also, I am working on losing my last 10 lbs before I schedule surgery. If I am 10 lbs from my goal weight will that make a huge difference?  Would love to hear from somebody who has recently had lift with augmentation and see how they are healing and when they felt like they were vacation ready.

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Hi there,

I've never had a breast lift or aug myself, but it sure seems like 2 months would be fine. I don't know about heavy exertion. You should ask your surgeon about that. But if you're most going to be lying on the beach, reading books, and going to dinner, 2 months should be good. Also, I don't know that 10 pounds would make a huge difference in your breast work. Again, check with your surgeon. You can also post a question to the doctors in RealSelf's Q&A community about this.

Good luck! And please don't forget to start your story in our Breast Lift Review Community!

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