I have had melasma for over 5 years and it is finally going away...

  • imperialness1976
  • 4 months ago

I have been embarrassed and even depressed from my melasma. It started on my upper lip and then it started to spread. It continued to my forehead, right above my right eye, nose, blotches on my cheeks, and then to make my upper lip complete it went to my chin. The more my melasma spread, the more depressed I got. I wouldn't look at people. The ground was my favorite place to look as I went into stores (if I even went in) and I made it a point to not look people in the face. My kids, husband, and family were very "supportive". Always answering with, "I don't see it". One day I took a picture of my face and then asked if they saw it then. They knew they couldn't keep the facade up anymore. What most people don't understand is that it may be some brown spots on the face, but it is devastating for those of us that have it. I tried several treatments to get rid of my melasma. I did the apple cider vinegar treatment, lemon juice treatment, hydroquinone cream, Fraxel treatment, microdermabrasion, and every cover up makeup you can think of. I'm sure there were other things I did as well. I once contemplated a tattoo for covering it. (Thank God reputable tattoo artists will not do this.) I finally gave up. That was until I was messaging my sister on Facebook. She talked to her husband about my condition. Less than two weeks later she sent me Porcelain. I told her I would try it, but I warned her that melasma cannot be cured and that I had tried everything I could imagine. She told me to just try it. I did. The first day after I used it I got excited because it looked like it had faded somewhat. The second day looked like some more fading had occurred. Then the third day I was depressed again. There didn't look like there was any change. I kept putting it on my face everyday for a week. At the end of the week it seemed it wasn't working anymore and so I gave up for two days. Then I thought about it and decided to continue with the treatment. What could it hurt? I am soooooo unbelievably happy that I did. My melasma is so faded right now that my makeup routine has changed, and my melasma is not visible under regular foundation, and only slightly visible without makeup. Now when I say slightly, I mean slightly to me. My melasma was so dark it almost looked brownish black in some areas on my face. I feel beautiful again. I want people to look at me. I am not walking with my head down. I love to take pictures now. I know it will take a couple more weeks or maybe even longer to have the melasma fade completely away. To be honest if this is the total amount it fades I would be happy with that too. I used to have to put on tattoo concealer, liquid foundation, and then powder foundation and my melasma still blared through. Today is the first day I only used liquid foundation, and that liquid foundation was the color of my skin tone, not a darker version I have had to wear to even out the other layers I had to put on my face for years. The treatment she sent to me is called Porcelain. It does have hydroquinone in it. I don't know why this is working and the cream I used three years ago did not, but it is working. I looked this stuff up because I want to make sure I have my little miracle available for when my melasma tries to control my life again. It is the least expensive of all treatments sans the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. It runs less than thirty dollars. My sister did tell me to make sure I wear spf everyday and she told me if I do start to get a recurrence of the brown spots it will be able to work to take them away again. This is not a cure for melasma but it is the closest thing to it that I have found in over 5 years. My husband and I are not rich, we are not even well to do. We live paycheck to paycheck...literally. I know how expensive treatments are. I know how expensive concealers, makeup, and every other hope for melasma is. I also know how expensive the depression and loss of self esteem from melasma is. This worked for me. You have to stick with it. Like I said in the beginning I lost confidence, but I went back and kept on. It was the changing point. One thing I want to say is when I didn't have to go out in public I wouldn't wash it off my face. I would leave it on until I would bathe or need to put makeup on to go to the store. I think the longer you leave it on the better it works on the face.  My daughter told me how "gorgeous" I am. My eighteen year old son came up to me and gave me a hug while he was smiling. I think he knew how much it meant to me to have a "normal" face again. My husband is still skeptical it will come back, but he is happy for me. He was looking at me really weird tonight. I asked him what was wrong, and he said that I looked beautiful. I know looks shouldn't be everything, but I also know the damage melasma has caused. If you have the time and the money I wish that anyone that has melasma will try this. If it doesn't work for you it will probably be one of the least expensive things you try while on your quest for a cure. However, if it does work, you will have you life back. If it works for you tell other melasma sufferers about it too. I have been all over the sites for years. I told myself if I ever find what helps I would want everyone to know. This worked for me. I pray to God that it helps you too. PS I also wear spf100 now. I am doing everything to protect my face. I don't want to ever have to do a total recovery from melasma again. I apologize for the long post, but I wanted everyone to know everything. I want you to see that I have been through this for years, and let you know what I have tried. Ok, I'm done. :) Please try it though.