March/April Breast Lifters, check in here!

  • 3 years ago

If you're scheduled for surgery in March or April, 2011, check in here and let's offer each other support. Start with a few sentences about where you're from and why you're seeking a breast lift.

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I get my lift with implants on April 3!!! Im so excited. Im 5"2 ,120lbs, 34A/B very saggy with little breast tissue and stage 3 ptosis. Can't wait till its time. Thinking of 350cc to 400cc not sure.
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I had a lift/aug on march 28th. Feeling really good about my decision. As jojo42 says your breast will change from day to day after surgery, some days you are worried and other days your impressed.. Just remember, it can take up to 3 mo or longer to fully settle into place and get the final look. You will be and do great after surgery, just tell yourself, the bit of pain that you will endure for a week is soo worth the outcome of self esteem. Good Luck too you! and let us know how things go!! :)
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I had a lift on 3.09.11 with 375cc HP saline implants. It seems every day/week they are getting better. Best of luck to you!
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I am 4 weeks post-op tomorrow. They are getting much better. We had a bad tornado outbreak down here and have been without power, so I haven't posted new pics. This week the 'uncomfortable feeling' has started to disappear. I hope that you are starting to feel better too! Good Luck to you!
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Yes, I am actually feeling great. I am back in the gym and working out, everything is back to "normal". I am VERY pleased with my healing process so far, some days I seem to like them better than others ... but I think that is to be expected. I am still waiting to see what my final size will be ... I am comfortably wearing 36DD right now. :) My right is still a bit higher than my left and I am trying to be patient to let it continue to fall into place.

Good Luck to you too!
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Hey jojo42,
you said you are back at the gym. If you dont mind me asking, what are you able to do? My Dr is still telling me nothing heavier than a gallon of milk, especially over your head. HMMM! I know all Dr's are different. And, also, I am the same size as you, What type of bra are using? Maybe just me, but I am a bit nervous that Im falling by wearing these sports bra's..
If you have info please let this California girl know. Thanks!
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Hi shaielend,

I do csrdio kickboxing ... very high intense workout. I have been back in the gym now for about 3 weeks. I do lift light weights at the end of each workout, usually 5 or 8 lbs and lift for about 10 minutes.

I am wearing Victoria Secret bras, many different types/styles in size 36DD. My favorite one I think is called "Very Sexy" by VS. I wear both underwire and no wire ...

As far as sports bras, I find it very difficult to find one that does not totally squish my girls ... lol. I tried the ones from Under Armour that zip up the front but it is way too tight to wear, so for now I wear either a L or XL to accomodate and support as much as I can during workouts.

I hope your recovery goes really well ... mine continue to change every week still! Though I measure a 36DD ... there are times I feel that big and other times I feel kind of small, it really is crazy! LOL
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Thanks for the input jojo. I guess it's just one of those things... the waiting game! lol Yes, I am finding that I am not too fond of sports bra's they make me flat and squished.. I will try V.S. bra's and see if I get better results. Thanks again,
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I am having a breast lift and augmentation on April 6th. Breast feeding my daughter and my twin boys have left my breasts extremely saggy. I am very excited/nervous about the upcoming surgery and cannot wait to see my new breasts!
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