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Recommendation for Doctor Experienced In Scars?

  • slendycat
  • PA
  • 3 years ago

Has anyone had experience with Marc Zimbler in NYC? I am considering him to look at my facial scars and possibly fix a dogs ear deformity on my nose. Or if there are any recommendations for other surgeons well-versed in the area of scar revision. I am quite nervous about who I pick after having been told going after a dogs ear can make the scar worse. I will be extremely careful about what I do from here and must have complete trust in the surgeon. I can travel PA, NY, NJ, etc

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I also have a scar on my cheek that I want to do a revision of. Of course, I'm thinking about my possibilities. In LA there is a good surgeon - Dr Paul Nassif. He also recomended Dr Marc Zimbler. And now I don't know who shall I pick.
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