lower blepharoplasty failure

  • kkang
  • Fullerton, CA
  • 1 year ago

hey everyone. i am in a total mess and i could really use some public advice, i would appreciate it. ive recently had a lower blepharoplasty in december 2012, which is 5 months ago. the problem is, my dark circles got worse. when i went to my post op appointments, i told my doctor that i haven't seen any improvement, and he told me to physically point out to him, what the problem is, and i pointed out to him that, there is a bluish tint underneath my eye. he told me that, that won't go away, which i was furious, since that is the reason why i had the operation in the first place. anyways, what it comes down to is that, i spent 2000$ to make my dark circles worse. what can i do as a patient? and at this point, what can my doctor do for me?