Lipo on my Arms

  • Tipjo
  • Jackson, NJ
  • 1 year ago

I've reached out to others on this forum before and still haven't come across anyone who has my problem. I don't have sagging skin or bat wings. What I do have on the inner part of my arms is a cottage cheese look  I hate my arms. I can never wear a bathing suit again. I had 6 Accent treatments  it helped a bit.

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Hi Tipjo,

I know you've asked doctors about this previously. Was any of their advice helpful?

Not really. Some will say a armlift but I don't have loose skin. It's like I have cottage cheese on the inside of the arms. I wish Ultherapy was approved for arms. I am going for Accent treatment the end of the month. I did a series of 6 a year ago, it seemed to help a bit but not enough to make me want to wear anything sleeveless again

It is a tough area to fix, without an arm lift and like you said, you don't particularly need an arm lift! Hopefully the Accent will help!