lateral hooding, sagging, rolling skin after upper bleph and temporal browlift.

  • livefree
  • Chicago, IL
  • 2 years ago

I'm 11 days post op, I know its early. My doc is facial and oculoplastic surgeon. I do trust him but want some input from others with similar experiences. When I saw him 6 days post op to take stitches out he insisted I be patient and give it time. I am very impatient! I had some lateral hooding and extra skin (hereditary hooded lids). I barely notice the temporal brow lift and the eyelid skin still looks like lateral hooding. When I push on it I feel fluid/swelling but does the skin retract and lift upwards? The dr said he lifted my temporal brow 6 mm and took off 7 mm of eyelid skin. I should post a picture. Has anyone else had something similar with the lateral hooding and did yours eventually resolve?