lateral hooding, sagging, rolling skin after upper bleph and temporal browlift.

  • livefree
  • Chicago, IL
  • 2 years ago

I'm 11 days post op, I know its early. My doc is facial and oculoplastic surgeon. I do trust him but want some input from others with similar experiences. When I saw him 6 days post op to take stitches out he insisted I be patient and give it time. I am very impatient! I had some lateral hooding and extra skin (hereditary hooded lids). I barely notice the temporal brow lift and the eyelid skin still looks like lateral hooding. When I push on it I feel fluid/swelling but does the skin retract and lift upwards? The dr said he lifted my temporal brow 6 mm and took off 7 mm of eyelid skin. I should post a picture. Has anyone else had something similar with the lateral hooding and did yours eventually resolve?  

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Well, its been over a year now and I have NO results. My lateral browlift scars have spread and are wide, and I still have lateral hooding and look the same as I did before. I have to pay an additional 500.00 for revisions in office no anesthesia. PISSED CONSUMER!!!!

Hi livefree -- Just curious how you're doing now? Feel free to post on the Ask a Doctor forum too if you need some professional opinions.

I am now 3 weeks post upper bleph and temporal browlift. I also forgot to mention I had (mild) internal ptosis repair on my left eye. The left eye is more swollen (understandably) but both eyes still look like extra skin, and its crepey, with lateral skin sag. I just dont know what is swelling and what is actually extra skin. I see some change but very mild. Maybe thats a good thing? I just still feel like my eyes look old. I had a lot of extra skin.
I see my surgeon next week. I will post another update then.
I am very curious what your situation is now bc I am 4 days out of an upper bleph and feel it was maybe too conservative as well. One eye looks great and the other hardly any change. I know they say swelling makes a difference and all that, but below my brow there is no bruising and swelling and it's still poofy. I guess better too conservative than too much. Wondering if yours seem to get better with time or if you feel your eyes still look "old".Thanks for any input.