Is laser tattoo removal good for eyebrow tattoos?

  • Marina_O
  • San Diego
  • 4 years ago

I had them tattooed about 5 years ago but the girl did a horrible job. They are aren't the same shapes, and go to the middle of my nose. I'm tired of always having to use concealer and not be able to go out without makeup. Is laser removal a good option?

I hear it leaves a big scar. I don't mind a small scar compared to how I have my eyebrows right now. I'm too embarrassed to even post a picture, they're that bad. Thank you

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well i had my eyebrows tattooed on and they turned out horrable. wrong shape, whong color and non cimetrical. so i went to get laser 2 days ago....lots of swelling. my eyes are very puffy and im having major headaques from the pain i guess. the laser feels like burning and i could even smell the burning. my eyebrows have small red wounds on them i hope that heels ok, im praying for a mirace. they said that if my eyebrows were tattooed with a brown pigment it would take like 12 sessions to remove. but i got "lucky" that she used a black blue color. what a joke....
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I got my eyebrows tattoo"thinking that it be lesser time" for me to draw them every day.-I loved it when i would draw them- they would look prefect and nice! but i tattooed them and didn't came out how i wanted it.. my left one looks way different from my right one. The right one has a different style,but from far away u wouldn't notice,the difference. They look even from far back,The that lady tattoo them said it suppose to look like that is that right? i wanna get them remove how dose that work??

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I just had my eyebrows tattooed and I now realize I didn't do enough research prior to getting them done. I want them gone from my body but have read that they may change colors from the laser leaving me with black eyebrows. Did anyone have their brown permanent eyebrows successfully removed via laser? If so, please let me know where you went. I am willing to travel if need be.

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