Join the croud- I also have been cursed with this horific condition

  • kimnpsick
  • 1 year ago

5'3 117 lbs. - active, healthy diet, was there since I was born. However note the before and after pictures. In my research I found this web site called the cellulite investigation. There is a link called success stories and a few of the women said they had success trying the follow: - Candida diet - Skin brushing - Swishing w/ coconut oil Being determined to try anything to get rid of the unsightly stuff, I stared all 3 immediately to see if it was the magic cure. As you u can see from the pics the candida diet did yielded some improvement; however I warn you its brutal and can make you feel extremely week. I did for ~ 3 months and it was horrible but had great benefits, no bloating, no digestive issues, cellulite improved dramatically, no fat head, etc. Although it felt good I might have finally found the cure to this unsightly issue, I could not imagine living on veggies and water the rest of my life. BTW, when I went back to my normal diet it came right back- :-(. At that point I decided to go to a to a homeopathic doc for a Candida test, since most regular doctors don’t and won’t test for it. Interestingly enough I didn't test positive for Candida, but had a host of food sensitivities including: wheat, yeast, pepper and there were about 10 others. My doctor told to me restrict anything containing these ingredients for ~ 3v weeks and she said I would see a difference. I have seen a slight improvement to my digestive system but the cell is still there, not quite as bad but when your mainly eating veggies and doing boot camp..I  would expect this. In any case, I’m still convinced there is a way to rid this unsightly stuff and will find it before I leave the planet.

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Thanks for your post! I recently read that 90% of women have cellulite. I truly wish we could just see it as normal and not ugly, but until then, we'll all be looking for treatments that work.