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Have others had this issue after Botox?

  • ladylucky
  • 2 years ago

After getting Botox, I notice at night when I lie down, my heart starts racing, I feel nauseated, and I sort of have a panic attack? When I stopped getting the Botox (I got it 3 times over the course of  1-2 years) all of these symptoms are gone.  It felt like menopause symptoms I read about but Im only 43.  I have read about a new product in Europe that freezes the muscles and doesnt use a poison to do so.  I think I will wait until that makes it to the States before I try again.  I loved the way the Botox made me look (it took all the forehead lines away, that is the only location I had it injected).  I did bleed several times and she kept asking me if I took a lot of vitamins and fish oil (to which I answered yes) and she said that was the cause of it (the fish oil).  I cant help but think that because my blood is thin that it spread further than my forehead and caused other issues?

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I'm assuming you have decided not to continue using Botox then, is that right? Unfortunately it does seem others have discusses similar occurances:

Anxiety, Depression, Brain fog, dizziness, etc. from Botox


Hello!! Correct, Im not going to use Botox anymore. The symptoms would even wake me out of sleep and I felt like I had the flu or was having heart issues. When I stopped the Botox the problems went away. Loved the results and so bummed about the side effects.


Well I'm so glad to hear the symptoms went away. I can imagine that would be pretty scary to feel like you were having heart issues. I've heard just a tiny bit about the freezing procedure you were talking about. If you do decide to try it, please let us know what you think - I'm very curious about it as well.