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IPL for partial hair removal (male)

  • jjl5520
  • 2 years ago

Hey, This is my first post, I'll try and make it as clear as I can! Thanks to my dad's genes, I'm extremely hairy. I have loads of hair on my chest, stomach, shoulders, back, bum, underarms, hands, legs, feet etc. It has been a major cause of concern and I've tried a variety of things to deal with it, such as shaving, waxing, epilating, hair removal cream etc but none have really worked. A few weeks ago I bought a Silk'n Pro IPL device and have used it 4 times. Below is what I've been doing and the desired effect I want. I do want some hair, I just don't want it as thick (Austin Powers) as I've got it. But I don't want to get rid of it entirely if that makes any sense, just a thinning, reduction.
Ok here goes:

Area Treated               IPL intensity level               Desired effect
Face                           2                                       Completely remove hair under eyes, and help with acne scarring
Chest                         3/4                                    Some hair, reduced thinner amount
Stomach                     5                                       No hair
Pubes                         3/4                                    Some hair, reduced thinner amount
Bum                           5                                       No hair
Upper legs                  4                                        Some hair, reduced thinner amount
Underarms                 3/4                                     Some hair, reduced thinner amount
Lower arms                4                                        Some hair, reduced thinner amount
Upper arms                5                                        No hair
Hands                        4                                        Some hair, reduced thinner amount
Feet                           5                                        No hair
Shoulders                   5                                        No hair
Back                          5                                        No hair
That is my routine. I've done it about 4 times, each with a 2-week interval in between sessions. From what I can see so far, hair is growing back in patches, with some places completely bald and others with just as much hair as before. I'm getting really concerned that this product is really only for women who want complete hair removal, and I will end up with really patchy body hair unless it is all completely removed, which I really don't want. Could any experienced users please advise if I'm doing the right thing and if you have any suggestions? Many many thanks!

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Wooow brilliant post. I appreciate your thinking
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I would love to know what the outcome of this was in the end. Did the patchiness clear up? Do you recommend trying a few treatments of legs and arms to balance things up a bit or did this just work out all wrong?
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Hi there, I have a silk'n pro also and used it a few times on my bikini, legs and underarms. The results will be different for everyone, but after a couple of sessions on my legs, I have patches Of no hair, and patches with hair. That is because of the pigment differences in the hairs. As for thicker dark hair areas, it takes a while to see a long term effect. For example, I had 6 ipl sessions done professionally and then bought my silk'n and did 2 sessions myself. I haven't used the machine in over 6 months now, and my hair is definately reduced, but no where near gone. Hair grows in different cycles, and if you wait long enough after doing a few sessions with your silk'n, you will notice the patches clear up. It may take a while though, so you will need patience. Good luck!
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Sorry I forgot to say, I have very pale skin and very dark black hair. Since I'm a guy I'm not really after complete hair removal, just a hair reduction, in thickness, length, density etc.

I'm just worried the treatment will leave me with really patchy hair that will just look rediculous, with no hair in some places and thick hair in others. I'm already starting to see this on my chest now which is why I am concerned. The Silk'n is meant for women who want complete hair removal, so this is not an issue for them.
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It will definitely be interesting to hear what other community members who have actually tried this have experienced.

Here is a Q&A that might be of interest since you mentioned trying it for scar reduction as well as hair removal:

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Here is a review from another community member who used an at home machine for hair reduction, but it sounds like they had a different machine than you do. It still might be worth it for you to reach out to them in the comments section with questions:

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